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Professional Custom Website Design Services

Professional Custom Website Design Services

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Atlantic Website Design is a full-service Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, and Search Engine Marketing company specializing in easy-to-navigate professional web designs including e-commerce shopping carts.

Professional Website Design Services

Based on the East Coast, Atlantic Website Design has everything you need to wow leads and customers as they browse your website. However, we offer more than just affordable website development, we’re a full digital marketing agency with extensive experience with SEO (search engine optimization), search engine marketing, e-commerce, social media, mobile experiences, and much more. If all you need is a simple website, we have the best web designs to make an impact in your niche.


Why Outsource to Atlantic Website Designs?

Every year, more businesses are choosing Atlantic Website Designs and we think the overriding reason is that we generate results. Our experience in web design means that we can help businesses of all shapes and sizes to create a website that resonates with the target market. What’s more, it’s also functional for the business itself. No business should have a website that they don’t like.

While you could design a website yourself, and there are lots of tools to help these days, nothing replaces the experience of a company like ours. Over the years, we’ve seen it all – this includes the mistakes that everybody in the niche has had to overcome. Why make the same mistakes and go through the same journey when we’ve already learned lots of important lessons?

After the website is live, you will own 100% of the asset – in other words, we don’t claim to own the website just because we helped to build it. If something goes wrong, just contact us and we’ll do our best to help. Sometimes, it’s a quick fix or a small error that we need to correct. Either way, your website is back up and running in no time.

Furthermore, you can be sure that your website will meet all the different regulations and guidelines. Therefore, it will be compliant with ADA standards if you so choose while also having a responsive design for mobile users.

As mentioned, it’s not all about designing websites because we can also help with search engine optimization, search engine marketing, e-commerce, and more as a digital marketing agency. So long as you’re based in the United States, we can boost your SEO and get more traffic to your website. As you climb the Google rankings, more people click on your links, and this should generate more sales and revenue too.

Elsewhere, we’ll help to increase your presence on all the pertinent social media channels. For example, you may want to reach out to prospective leads on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or even WhatsApp. If you combine all our different services, we’ll assist in several areas of the digital marketing strategy. This means that you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • More effective digital marketing strategy
  • Higher ROI
  • Resonate with your audience and encourage clicks/sales
  • More free time for your marketing team
  • Meet industry standards and regulations


How Does It Work?

As an example, let’s say that you want Atlantic Website Design to work on your website. To start, we’ll audit your existing website and discuss your goals in the coming weeks and months. What do you want to achieve from your relationship with us? In a dream world, what will your website look like and what features will it have for customers?

After these initial conversations, we’ll create a potential plan. Depending on the state of your existing website, this could mean some simple changes or a complete overhaul. Don’t worry, we have access to the industry’s best tools. This combined with our experienced professionals means that you’re in great hands from start to finish. If you want to see some websites that we’ve created in the past, just head into the Portfolio section of our website. You’ll see the brilliant websites that we designed for The Ticket Terminator, The Injury Firm, South Florida Funding Group, US Cabinets Plus, and more.

Here is the process in seven simple steps:

Discovery – We’ll take the time to learn all about your brand through phone and email conversations. Ultimately, we want to learn your goals and aims.

Architecture – We’ll design the blueprint for the website while thinking about functionality and aesthetics.

Content – Of course, no website is complete without content, and this is the next step. In many cases, you’ll already have the content or know the sort of content that you need.

Design – While you’re reviewing or creating content, we’ll come up with some layouts and designs for your website.

Development – If all parties are happy, we’ll create the first version of your website.

Launch – No service is perfect, so we don’t expect the first version to include everything you need on the first attempt. It’s natural for the process to include some to and fro as we play around with features, add small details, remove others, and perfect the website for your audience. Once everything is ready, we’ll hit the magic button and go live.

Testing – One of the biggest mistakes that you can make after launching is forgetting to test. Don’t worry, we have you covered with mobile and desktop testing. We’ll ensure that the website works as expected across all devices; if any small issues arise, we’ll be around to fix them quickly to get over any teething problems.


What’s Responsive Website Design?

Although this is a phrase that you’ll see frequently in the world of website building, you may not know exactly what it covers. In simple terms, it means that the website will respond to the size and shape of the screen through which somebody accesses the website. Do you remember when mobile phones were just getting onto the scene and websites weren’t optimized for smaller screens? We would have to zoom in and tap a tiny link – this often led to tapping the wrong link.

With responsive design, your website appears in the right format for everybody. While people on a computer will get the desktop version, those on a mobile device will get the mobile version. As mobile searches grow each year, you must accommodate all visitors. Otherwise, they will tap away in seconds and choose a competitor instead.


What’s SEO?

We know that some people reading this page will already have an advanced website with responsive website design and other valuable features. How can Atlantic Website Design help you? Just because you have a great website doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically land on the first pages of search results. Instead, you need search engine optimization to keep pushing in the right direction.

SEO is all about optimizing your website and utilizing other techniques to boost your position within the search engine. You need to use keywords in content, produce great blog posts, optimize meta tags, encourage backlinking, and use various tactics. Often, these are things that businesses just don’t have the time to do…this is where Atlantic Website Design comes in.


What’s Social Media Marketing?

Your website is important in 2022, but your social media presence is equally critical. While you focus on the bigger picture, we’ll create marketing posts for your social media channels. Naturally, the goal is to encourage engagement with the audience while also generating lots of traffic for the website. Since we’re also optimizing the content on the website, more people who click through should also take their interest further. They might leave an email address in a contact form, save your website as a bookmark, or even purchase a product there and then.

Whether you’re an e-commerce business or a traditional business, you can benefit from social media marketing this year.


Contact Atlantic Website Design Today

If you need help with anything we’ve discussed, feel free to contact the friendly team at Atlantic Website Design today. Although we’re based in South Florida, the very nature of the internet means that we can assist companies of all sizes all over the country. Technology allows us to stay up to date with clients as we progress their digital marketing strategy.

In recent years, our service has continually expanded and now includes:


  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Managed Hosting Accounts
  • Website Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design
  • Content Writing

What’s more, don’t think that we only help with websites that we’ve created. So long as you have a website, we’ll work with you to achieve your aims. We’re accustomed to working within budgets and we like to build long-term relationships with clients. When you partner with Atlantic Website Design, you have a reliable service that you can contact whenever you have website-related queries or problems.

Your website is the equivalent of a shop window – don’t you want to entice people to come in and stay awhile? This is only possible if you enhance your website design and focus on SEM, SEO, and more. Pick up the phone today for affordable website development and a reliable digital marketing agency. We have the best web designs, and we’ll work in partnership with you (rather than taking over everything – we don’t want you to feel as though you have no say in your own marketing strategy!).


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